The Post Chapel

12685, East Montview Blvd., Aurora, CO 80045

Post Chapel Outside

Location of the Post Chapel

Post Chapel Inside

Post Chapel Inside

Post Chapel Windows

Post Chapel Window Details


Built in 1942, the chapel was part of a push by first lady (Mamie) Eleanor Roosevelt to include worship facilities in Military posts. Mamie Eisenhower sent the chapel an organ after President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack and recuperated at Fitzsimons for seven weeks.


Countless soldiers were married in the chapel and their children were later baptized there. Funerals were even more common in the chapel. The last worship service was held in June 1996.

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The Post Chapel has New England style architecture and unique stained glass windows with striking colorful balance. Emblazoned with Christian and Jewish symbols, the windows also bear the marks of the military - rifles, cannons, unit insignias - representing the former Army hospital's balance between its military history and its medical mission.

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